In-Factory Blade Repair

Extending the Life of In-Service Wind Blades

For warranty or post-warranty repairs that cannot be accomplished onsite, MFG provides factory service. This is an ideal solution when weather conditions are not conducive to complete curing, or up-tower work is too risky.


Your damaged blades are shipped to our factory, inspected, fully repaired or restored by skilled technicians. If a repetitive problem is diagnosed we can offer an engineered solution to restore your fleet to productivity.

All work is done in a clean, controlled environment with a constant ambient temperature ensuring that laminates cure properly. Engineering and Quality professionals who are proficient in OEM standards assess and guide the repair work.



We also update and enhance older blades for extended useful life, including recoating and new leading edge coat. Performance-enhancing measures such as vortex generators, winglets and blade tip extensions can be engineered and added.

Your reconditioned blades can be delivered onsite or maintained in our laydown yard until needed.

MFG Texas works in cooperation with our dedicated sister company, MFG Energy Services, for on-site repair and maintenance of wind turbines.

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