Composite Replacement Parts

Aftermarket Replacement Parts for Wind Turbines

For operators of existing fleets and resellers of pre-owned turbines, MFG is a premium resource for aftermarket closeout platforms and flanges, balance boxes, flex brackets, root-band covers, hatch covers and other FRP components.

We can quickly fabricate new components from tooling generated from a worn or damaged part using a process that does not cause further deterioration of the original. When original specifications are unknown, we can determine the laminates by reverse engineering.


Capability Overview

Large scale facility includes four manufacturing bays with a total of 135,000 sq. ft. A portion of the facility is temperature controlled between 68-77°F and humidity-controlled from 40-50%.

Spectrum of Molding Process Options

Our facility is equipped with a spectrum of low pressure processes that are ideal for low to medium volume production (500-5000 units annually). All these process options yield high quality parts and products that meet a wide range of size, complexity and cost targets.

  • Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM)
  • Low Pressure Liquid Compression Molding (LPLCM)
  • Vacuum-assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)
  • Vacuum-Infused Process (VIP)
  • Hand Lay-up or Spray-up Open Molding

Support Assets

  • Project Management
  • Engineering: Design for Manufacturability
  • R&D and Testing Lab
  • In-house Tooling
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Shipping and Transportation


Center of Excellence for Low Pressure Molding