Wind Turbine Parts and Service

Wind Turbine Parts and Service

MFG is a premier composites supplier to the wind energy industry and supports every facet of composite components across the entire lifecycle. Located in the heart of wind country, MFG Texas was first opened in 1997 to produce wind blades and is one of 13 MFG manufacturing facilities.

Today MFG Texas manufactures turbine components and provides repair and refurbishment services for wind blades.


Part Manufacturing for OEM’s — MFG Texas is geared to build composite products that meet the performance demands of wind turbine manufacturers.


Composite Replacement Parts — Made-to-order replacement balance boxes, close-out platforms and flanges, root-band covers, flex brackets, hatch covers and other components. MFG’s process for creating tooling from an existing part is fast and non-destructive.


Factory Repair and Reconditioning of Wind Blades — Damage that is too extensive or complicated for field service crews is often possible at the factory. Reconditioning and repowering services can extend service life and efficiency for attractive ROI.


Center of Excellence for Low Pressure Molding