Why MFG Texas?

Center of Excellence for Low Pressure Molding

We are an ISO-9001 manufacturer of custom composite parts and products. We serve customers from name brand OEM’s to entrepreneurial companies.

State of the Art Molding Facility

In 2015 MFG made a decision to develop our 130,000sf facility into a Center of Excellence for low pressure molding technologies. This involved a major investment in new molding equipment, integration of robotics and expanding our in-house tooling capability. Today, MFG Texas is the most complete and modern resource in the region for low pressure molding processes.

Why Low Pressure Molding?

These processes yield high quality parts and products in a wide range of sizes, complexity and performance requirements, and are ideal for low to medium volume production (500-5,000 unit/year). Because we are equipped with a spectrum of low pressure technologies, customers have ultimate flexibility in matching their needs with the ideal process.

MFG Texas
Low Pressure Molding Capability

  • Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM)
  • Low Pressure Liquid Compression Molding (LPLCM)
  • Vacuum-assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)
  • Vacuum-infused Process (VIP)
  • Hand Lay-up or Spray-up Open Molding

Concept to Reality – Turnkey Customer Experience

Beyond molding processes, the Center of Excellence provides you with a one-stop, concept-to-reality experience – from prototype to delivered goods. At any stage of the project lifecycle that your team needs support, MFG Texas is organized to provide specialized expertise to keep things moving.

What can MFG’s Center of Excellence do for you?

We can help improve your product quality, reduce manufacturing cost, accelerate your time to market and streamline your operations. And on top of that – we strive to make doing business a pleasure.

For more than 20 years MFG Texas has been a trusted supplier to some of the world’s leading wind energy, commercial vehicle and defense manufacturers. Our parent Molded Fiber Glass Companies has been at the forefront of composite molding since 1948. MFG’s network of 13 factories in North America offers the full gamut of molding technologies and supplies many of the world’s most demanding markets.

Center of Excellence for Low Pressure Molding