Modern Environmentally Controlled Facility

Modern ISO-9001 Facility

In 2015 MFG made a significant investment to reconfigure our 130,000 square foot facility in Gainesville, TX into a Center of Excellence for low pressure molding technologies. This involved a major investment in new molding equipment, integration of robotics, expanding in-house tooling capability and advanced training for teammates and management.

MFG Texas has a longstanding reputation for delivering consistent quality products as recognized by industry-leading OEM’s. Quality and safety practices are rigorously implemented throughout the facility.

Our facility includes four manufacturing bays and a portion of the facility is temperature-controlled between 68-77˚F and humidity-controlled from 40-50%.

Molding and Processing Equipment

  • One – 150 ton hydraulic press
  • Two – 165 ton hydraulic presses
  • One – MultiCam 7000 Series 3-Axis CNC machine
  • One – DMS Model 5B5-6-12-XX/S 5-axis moving gantry CNC router
  • One – WardJet Motoman Robot MH50, DX 200 controller, 7-axis system
  • Two – 10 ton bridge cranes
  • One – 5 ton bridge crane
  • Curing Oven/Paint Booth -131’ x 12’ x 14’ (L x W x H) up to 260˚ F to improve cure cycles.
  • Curing Oven – 45’ x 12’ x 12’ (L x W x H) up to 300˚ F

Center of Excellence for Low Pressure Molding