• October 28, 2016

    Facility renovation includes new process technology and in-house tooling center

    Keeping pace with market opportunities and new technologies, MFG Texas underwent a significant restructuring and facility upgrade in 2016. In late 2015 the company embarked on a program to position the entity as a premier supplier of high quality, low-pressure molding. This change involved significant investment in reorganization, teammate training and capital equipment. Now complete, this new capability fills a gap between MFG’s compression molding facilities that serve higher volume customers and open molding facilities that produce oversized and unusually shaped products, short runs and prototypes.

    According to Executive Vice President Dave Denny, multiple factors spurred the decision to reposition and modernize MFG Texas. Foremost was encouragement from longstanding customers who needed manufacturing support that could deliver a high quality product for their lower volume parts.

    Another factor was environmental regulation of VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions that cap open mold manufacturing volume. Making the shift to cleaner low-pressure LRTM & VARTM processes positions MFG Texas as a supply partner that can scale for growth.

    In addition to upgrading and adding new production capability in Bay 2 for LRTM, lay-up and infusion processes, an in-house tooling center was also incorporated in Bay 3. The tooling center gives MFG complete control of tooling design and production. This provides cost, flexibility, quality control and time-to-market advantage to customers and is a key differentiator from other suppliers.

    MFG Texas has initially targeted business opportunities in the heavy truck, transportation, construction infrastructure and wind energy markets where MFG has experience and customer allegiance. With the facility transition complete, the team at MFG Texas is ramping up business and looking forward to an exciting and profitable 2017.

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